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About Epileptic Septic

Joey Lawrence is the owner/operator of Epileptic Septic and he has more than ten years experience operating vac trucks and servicing septic systems. Joey has deep roots in Parkland County and Lac Ste. Ann County - was born, raised, went to school, and continues to run his business in this area. 

What's With the Company Name?

When Joey decided to buy the vac truck and go into business for himself he chose the name Epileptic Septic for his new company. The company name has deep significance. In his teen years Joey had experienced a series of unexplained seizures and he eventually received a diagnosis of Epilepsy. He had to start treatment to control the symptoms but dealing with the condition has never slowed him down.

More About Joey Lawrence

After beginning treatment for epilepsy Joey maintained a busy schedule with school, sports, part-time work and social activities. (Mostly chasing girls.) He continues most of these to this day - but not the chasing girls part. (Wife Whitney does not approve of chasing girls.) When he's not operating the vac truck you might find Joey out on the golf course (summer) or on his sled (winter) exploring with his friends the trails and back country of Alberta and British Columbia. Joey also enjoys hanging out/travelling/goofing off/dining out with Whitney.